Pay, Benefits, and Privileges

By Agreement Employee Instructors
 By Agreement, instructors are on payroll but are limited to 432 podium hours per year which is the equivalent of three full 4-unit courses in each of the four academic quarters. For more information about your earning statements please continue reading below:

  • Instructor compensation is processed by Extension’s Human Resources Department and instructor payments are issued by the UCPath Center. The following deductions will be made from your paycheck:
    1. Federal and state income taxes - You can manage your allowances and withholdings via UCPath
    2. Medicare (1.45%)
    3. Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) /Safe Harbor (7.5%)—This is deducted in lieu of Social Security, for additional information on this plan, please review the University’s Defined Contribution Plan (DCP)/ Safe Harbor Plan Summary (PDF).
  • Instructors are eligible to participate in the University’s Tax-Deferred 403(b) Plan. For additional information on this plan, please review the Tax-Deferred 403 (b) Plan Summary Plan Description (PDF).
  • Instructors will receive a W-2 form at the end of the calendar year which can be downloaded electronically via UCPath, the University's payroll website, that provides access for employee instructors to view/print their earning statements, W-2 forms, and adjust W-4 tax allowances and withholdings. It also provides employee instructors with access to other applicable benefit-related information.

What is UCPath? 

UCPath is part of the University of California’s Working Smarter Initiative, UCPath is a systemwide program to align HR and payroll processes and technology across all campuses, medical centers and research units. You can complete the following actions on your UCPath Portal: 

  • View Your Paycheck
  • Add/Change Direct Deposit
  • Update Emergency Contacts
  • View/Update Personal Information
  • Access Health & Welfare Information
  • View/Update Withholdings Information (W-4)
  • Access your W-2 Form

Who should I contact with questions about my UCPath portal?

The UCPath Center is your first point of contact for payroll and benefits questions. Contact the UCPath Center by visiting the UCPath Portal and clicking on the ‘Ask UCPath Center’ button to submit your question/s to a representative.

As a UCLA Extension Instructor, you participate in the Defined Contribution Plan (the "DC Plan") as Safe Harbor participant. You are automatically enrolled in the DC Plan as long as you are employed by the University of California. Safe Harbor participants automatically contribute, on a pretax basis, 7.5% of their wages beginning the first day of an eligible appointment. You may also make voluntary after-tax contributions to the DC Plan.

  • Defined Contribution Plan (DCP) / Safe Harbor - This is deducted in lieu of Social Security, for additional information on this plan, please review the University's DCP/Safe Harbor Summary Plan (PDF)
  • Instructors are eligible to participate in the University's Tax-Deferred 403 (b) Plan. For additional information on this plan, please review the Tax-Deferred 403 (b) Plan Summary (PDF).

The University of California offers eligible employees a tax-deferred retirement plan under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. The DCP provides supplemental retirement benefits based on each employee’s contributions, plus any earnings. Enrollment in the plan is mandatory and is a condition of employment for by-agreement instructors and course authors, and those teaching under annual renewable contracts. Contributions are automatically invested in the UC-managed Savings Fund; however, participants may direct future contributions to one of the UC-managed investment funds or to Fidelity Investment Mutual Funds. For most instructors, participation in the DCP may prevent contributions to a traditional IRA from being tax-deductible. We encourage you to check with your tax advisor. [/su_expand]

To Request a Distribution from DCP, please contact Fidelity Retirement Services by visiting its website at or by telephone at (866) 682-7787. Se habla español at (877) 297-3017.


UCLA BruinCard
As an affiliate of UCLA, you are eligible for a BruinCard. Please see BruinCard Distribution for information about card production services and to schedule an appointment.

University Credit Union
You are eligible to apply for Membership at the University Credit Union. For more information, visit or call 800-828-4510, if you need further assistance.

UCLA Computer Store
As an affiliate of UCLA, you are eligible for the Education pricing offered through the UCLA Store. All the prices are listed on the UCLA Store website.

UCLA Library
Instructors receive online access to the UCLA library for the duration of their appointment or contract with the university. Once it is concluded, the access will no longer be available.

UCLA Transportation

Eligible for quarterly, short-term, or daily parking permits. For more information, visit: and

Eligible for subsidized public transit passes, for more information, visit

Application Instructions

*All complimentary enrollments have a processing timeline of 3-5 business days. Please do not contact Enrollment Center for status updates on your complimentary enrollment. If it’s been over 5 business days since comp application submission, please email

  1. Fill out the DocuSign Instructor Comp Enrollment Form.

Note: The form must be signed by both the instructor and their designated department representative. If the form is not signed, the application will be denied. Some courses require additional approval and materials before enrollment can be processed, be sure to verify your eligibility with your designated representative.


  1. Once the form is signed by the designated department representative, an instructor will receive an email notification stating the form is complete (the completed form is not the application). The instructor (or their family member if the comp is passed to them) now needs to fill out the UNEX Instructor Complimentary Enrollment Application through their student portal and upload the completed Docusign form. The application will be routed to Enrollment Services for processing.
  2. If the course is a limited enrollment class (<= 25 students), enrollment will have to wait until two weeks before the course start date. If the fee exceeds $1,000, Enrollment Services will reach out to the sponsoring department for approval. Enrollment Services will review and complete the enrollment. An enrollment verification will be emailed to the instructor.