Academic Policies and Resources

Academic Policies and Resources for UCLA Extension Instructors

Student Privacy
UCLA Extension: Confidentiality of Student and Client Records Policy (SA504)
UCLA Policy 220 : Disclosure of Information from Student Records
UCLA Extension: FERPA Infographic
UCLA Extension: Release of Confidential Information from Student Education Records

Information about Drops, Transfers, Withdrawals, Refunds:
UCLA Extension: Refund Policy (SA500)
UCLA Extension: Course Drops, Transfers and Withdrawals

Grading and Academic Records 
UCLA Extension: Grading Scale on UCLA Extension Transcripts
UCLA Extension: Transcript Ordering
UCLA Extension: Credit, Grading and the Continuing Education Unit Policy (AA121)
UCLA Extension: Certificate Programs Policy (AA150)

Copyright Resources

As both creators and users of copyrighted and public domain materials, members of UCLA Extension academic community should understand and responsibly exercise the rights accorded to them under U.S. copyright law. 

In preparation for teaching and creating course materials, Instructors are encouraged to visit the following sites at the University of California Copyright website:

The information provided on this site is intended as a guide to copyright at the University of California, and should not be taken as legal advice.