Student Support

UCLA Extension Instructor helping a student

Students turn to Extension instructors to learn more about services and resources, such as the location of the bookstore where their textbook is stocked, the nearest campus restaurant, student parking, and so forth.  (They think you know everything.) Unless you happen to know the answer, for a safe but still meaningful response refer students to the General Information section of the Extension Catalog, its mirror on the Extension web site Student Resources, or to your program rep. You are certainly welcome to explore this material, but you are not expected to present yourself as an expert. If teaching in a traditional format, consider bringing a copy of the current catalog to your first class. It makes a great prop. Or share this URL in your Canvas-posted syllabus

Student Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course up to the close of business before the final exam. They may use the Student Portal to make a time-stamped request, or call either the Academic Records Office at (310) 825-3708 or the Registration Office at (310) 825-9971.

In practice, some students will stop attending if their interest is not held but they will forget to withdraw. Their names will persist on your roster.  In credit-bearing classes the student will likely have earned an “F” if they’ve abandoned their class.  Since we require all “Fs” to be explained, an entry “stopped attending” will suppress the appearance of the F on the student’s transcript.  Thus no harm will come to the student, and you will be able to grade to your rubric without exception.

Student Portal

Your students can access student-record information on the student portal located on the UCLA Extension website. Students can view their current enrollments and grades, maintain their contact information, request refunds and obtain verifications of enrollment.