Student Rights & Responsibilities Center Creates Video Tutorials

The UCLA Extension Student Rights & Responsibilities Center has begun producing internal UCLA Extension procedure videos related to student conduct, sexual violence/sexual harassment, and disability services. The videos are being produced to help staff, academic departments, and instructors know the step-by-step processes for addressing policy matters in those areas.

Links to the five videos produced so far have been sent to all Extension staff. To ensure that all instructors have access to these videos, we’re posting them here.

For an introduction to the Student Rights & Responsibilities Center, click here.

For a presentation on our Academic Dishonesty rules and procedures, click here.

For a presentation on our Behavioral Misconduct procedures, click here.

For a presentation on our Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment procedures, click here.

For a presentation on our Accessing Disability Services procedures, click here.

If you have any questions about these procedures after reviewing the videos, please contact Justyn Howard, Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer; or Albert Roberson, Student Rights & Responsibilities Specialist.

Justyn Arias-Lynn Howard, Esq.
Student Rights & Responsibilities Officer

Albert Roberson
Student Rights and Responsibilities Specialist &
Executive Assistant to the Department Director