The care you and your students take for your own security is a significant factor in keeping UCLA one of the safest and most inviting places in our community.  During your first class meeting, we ask you to remind your students of these useful services, phone numbers and suggestions:

  1. Call 9-1-1 from any location to connect to local law enforcement. If using your cell phone on the UCLA campus, UCLA-PD will dispatch. From off campus locations, you will be connect to the communication center of the local law enforcement agency.
  2. The UCLA campus is equipped with Emergency Reporting System (ERS) phones, recognizable either by their bright blue hoods or “towers” with blue lights glowing on top. All campus parking structures have ERS call boxes in their stairwells and at numerous locations on each level. Simply Press to Talk and you will be connected to UCLA-PD communications as if you’d dialed 9-1-1.
  3. For students and instructors attending classes on the UCLA campus, an escort service is available from dusk until 1 am for those who would like to be accompanied to and from their cars. The service is run by the UCLA-PD and should be requested at least half an hour before needed. To request this service, call (310) 825-1493
  4. Promote the safety of your students. At the end of any evening class, offer to walk with students and encourage students to walk together to parking structures and lots. This encourages congeniality, an opportunity to debrief on the evening’s lessons (another learning opportunity!), and promotes safety.  Safety experts suggest you have car keys in hand so you need not linger before entering your vehicle; then to lock your doors and leave without delay.  For more information about safety on the UCLA Campus, including a view of crime statistics, view the website presented by the UCLA Police Department.
  5. Emergency Notifications. In the event of any emergency that might affect your safety or that of your students, UCLA Extension will broadcast notifications to all who are potentially affected – student and instructor — using either the primary email address or the cell phone numbers (for SRS-text messaging) we have on file. Keep these notification pathways up to date and your smart phones programmed for receipt of email from UCLA Extension.  You and your students are welcome to learn more about UCLA Extension’s policy and practice regarding safety, security and emergency action planning.