UCLA Extension welcomes your ideas for promoting your class.  If you know of helpful mailing lists or trade publications that accept advertising, or publications that would be interested in press releases or feature stories about you or your class, let you rep know.  He or she will discuss proposals and pursue suggestions with the appropriate person in our Marketing Department.

Extension’s Marketing Department designs and produces all print and electronic promotional materials (catalogs, brochures, flyers, advertisements) and writes and distributes press releases to print and electronic media (newspapers, newsletters, magazines, radio, TV, on-line/Internet news groups). Extension employs graphic designers, copywriters, digital email and direct mail experts, marketing managers and PR/media relations personnel to ensure the consistency of the institution’s image in the marketplace and to coordinate our marketing campaigns.

You may not independently produce any promotional materials, contact the media to publicize your programs, or post Internet notices without first coordinating such activities through your department. (University of California regulations prohibit using the name of the University or UCLA Extension without authorization.)

If you are contacted directly by the media, ask that they first call our PR/media relations manager at (310) 825-7729.  If you do respond to questions due to an urgent deadline, let our media relations manager know.  If a local journalist shows up at your class unannounced, ask the person to leave, explaining that auditors and visitors are not permitted after the first class; however, “press passes” are available by calling the above number.  Experience has shown that when instructors are friendly but firm on this point, we maintain good media relations while sidestepping unauthorized interviews.