Planning Milestones

The following is a list of administrative milestones in the order in which they will likely be encountered.

For a class that begins the first week of July, your rep will have met a planning deadline to define that class by the third week of February – 17 weeks. For classes that meet in traditional format, assignment to classrooms will be accomplished in the ensuing three weeks, leading to the publication of the catalog.  The print catalog will be released approximately 8 weeks before the quarter. The web site will be refreshed about 9 weeks before the quarter begins. Note that not all classes will start in the first week of an academic term. Note also that from early planning to the end of a class is a span of half a year – those teaching in consecutive quarters will experience overlap.

  • New Instructors: Complete and return your payroll forms (including I-9) as soon as possible
  • All Instructors: Return your signed contract to your program rep, as soon as possible

13 weeks (3 months) before the start of your class, orders for e-books and course readers are due.

8 – 9 weeks (2 months) before the start of your class, textbook requisitions are due. Your program rep will contact you to confirm parking arrangements.  Ensure that your course has been outlined and planned, including all major assignments and due dates, and topics to cover for each unit of the course.

8 weeks (2 months before the start of the term) check the newly released catalog for classes in which you or your dependents might seek complimentary enrollment.

4 weeks before the course: ensure that all content has been uploaded to Canvas and is ready for review from UCLA Extension staff.

3 – 5 weeks before beginning of the term, look for your parking permit in the mail.

2 weeks prior to class start, instructors should conduct a final review and make any final adjustments to the course materials on Canvas.

1 week prior to class start, program your cell phone with important contact numbers.

Week One for Traditional Format Instruction

  • New instructors seeking to have an optional BruinCard can schedule an appointment to obtain the card.
  • Print a current copy of your roster from the Instructor Portal and take it with you to class.  Take attendance. Note visitors and any waitlisted students.
  • Test for student-internet connectivity. Explain how students can use Canvas to communicate with one another and to send messages. Ask to see if Canvas will work for all. Announce your intended level of use. Handouts? Announcements?  Both?
  • Review the Visitor Policy. Review the calendar with students, noting any holidays and meetings to be arranged.
  • Point out emergency exits, restroom locations, and draw attention to fire and earthquake measures; put phone number for Escort Service on the writing board. (310) 825-1493.

Week One for Online Format Instruction

  • Get acquainted. Invite students to introduce themselves and to acknowledge other student-participants.
  • Provide an overview of the online course environment. Help students understand the organization of your online class by giving them a “tour” of course elements and where they can find specific items.
  • Emphasize the importance of reading the syllabus to gain a solid understanding of course objectives and expectations.

At Any Time / All Modes of Instruction

  • Notify your rep of any needed changes to class schedule, classroom, or last minute emergencies.
  • Notify your program rep of any difficulties or unexpected encounters in the class.
  • For Canvas/course issues, contact or (310) 206-4563
  • For photocopying orders of handouts, keep in mind 1-week minimal lead-time

At Class End

  • Prior to the end of date of your class, you may want to remind and encourage your students to complete the Course and Instructor Evaluation.
  • 7 days before the scheduled end-date of your class, you will receive an email notification that the grading system is available for your use through Instructor Portal.
  • If petitioned by any of your students for an Incomplete, decide if the petition has merit then negotiate the terms of completion.  (Note some departments require Incompletes will be posted only with the concurrent approval of your program rep or director.)
  • Post your gradesusing Instructor Portal as soon as possible.  If you have taught online, post comments in Canvas and your grades using Instructor Portal concurrently, and as soon as possible.
  • 2 weeks after the end-date of your class, grading via Instructor Portal will close.
  • 4 weeks after the end-date of your class, student access to Canvas will close.