Complimentary Enrollment

You may enroll with our compliments in one course of comparable format for each course you are contracted to teach; and you may enroll the quarter before, the quarter of, or as many as two quarters after your class is or was scheduled to convene. This benefit is transferable to your spouse or registered domestic partner, or to dependents that you claimed on your most recent Form 1040. Complimentary enrollment covers instructional costs only. Non-discountable fees for tangible direct costs are not typically identified in the Extension Catalog — contact the Registration Office for full fee information about the class that has caught your eye.

Complete the complimentary enrollment form and forward it to your program rep as soon as possible. She or he will forward it to the department sponsoring the course for approval. Enrollments are processed in the order in which they are received. Those classes with an enrollment limit (see catalog listing) are subject to closure.

Credit Union

UCLA Extension’s by-agreement instructors, annual-renewable contract instructors and course authors are eligible to join the University Credit Union. For information, call (800) 828-4510 or visit

Computer Discounts

UCLA’s Computer Store offers academic pricing to Extension instructors. For further information call (310) 825-6952 or visit

General Book Purchases

Instructors are eligible for discounts on general book purchases from the BookZone in Ackerman Union or Lu Valle Commons. The discount does not apply to textbooks, magazines, or special order books that may already be discounted 25% and more. For further information, call (310) 825-7711 or

UCLA Faculty Center

Instructors may join the Faculty Center as guest members and attend the Tuesday/Thursday evening candlelit dinners, by reservation only. If interested, your title/code for membership in the Center is “Visiting Faculty.” For further information, call (310) 825-0877 or visit