New Tools at UCLA Extension: Panopto and Adobe Connect

Panopto: Video Creation

Beginning with the 2018 Winter Quarter, all Canvas-enabled courses include Panopto, a video creation and editing tool. Panopto is a great way to create video recordings for your course and can simultaneously capture multiple video sources, such as a Powerpoint slideshow and webcam, along with your microphone. To access Panopto in your course, click “Videos” in the left hand navigation menu. Click the blue “Create” button, and then select “Record a new session”. If this is your first time using Panopto, have a look at our Quick Start Guide.

Panopto allows you to present material asynchronously to students in your course, with videos embedded in your modules. You can use Panopto to introduce yourself to your students, make short recorded lectures, demonstration videos, interview guest speakers, leave assignment feedback, and more. Furthermore, Panopto provides automatic captioning that can be easily edited for accuracy, providing a means for creating accessible video content. Other Panopto features include in-video quizzes, an easy-to-use editor, and the option to upload videos you’ve already created.

For more, see this video on Panopto.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing tool that replaces BigBlueButton (“Conferences”) in your Canvas course. We are currently piloting Adobe Connect in the 2018 Winter Quarter; if you would like to participate in this pilot, let us know by emailing with the subject “Adobe Connect Support”. While Panopto is for creating static asynchronous video content (i.e., recorded videos that students can watch on their own time), Adobe Connect serves as a synchronous, or live, communication platform allowing many users to gather in one conference room simultaneously and interact. If you are curious about Adobe Connect, check our our Adobe Connect Spotlight.

If you have Adobe Connect enabled in your course, access it by clicking “Conference Room” in the left hand navigation menu and click “Add Meeting”. Once the meeting has been created, you can “Join” the meeting to access your meeting room. Office hours, group projects, one-on-one sessions, and remedial meetings are all potential uses of Adobe Connect. Meetings can be recorded for you and your students to access later, and recorded meetings are automatically posted in the Conference Room.

For more, see this video on Adobe Connect.


Should you have questions, need assistance, or want to explore different ways of using these tools, we have resources available through our Office of Instructional Design and Learning Support, (IDLS). If you have general questions about the tools and how they work in your Canvas course, reach out to our support at If you are interested in using, exploring, or getting creative with the tools in depth, schedule a consultation with on of our Instructional Designers, Instructional Technologists, or Producer/Directors using our Appointment Center. IDLS also has recording spaces and equipment available so should you have an interest in these resources, let us know!

-Nicholas Schwieterman