Instructor Support

University ID Number.  Your University ID number (UID) is found on your pay stub.  It is a nine-digit number in the format nnn-nnn-nnn, issued to all Extension Instructors who are on payroll.  Note that some services require you to know it and to enter it as a condition of service delivery.  If you are not sure of your UID, contact your rep or look it up using At Your Service Online

Instructor Portal

You can perform a number of administrative functions online.  The web-based Instructor Portal provides you with the ability to view your classes (past, present and planned), view rosters, view and confirm course descriptions, send a note to request A/V services, view and post grades, view forms and policies, view current announcements, view the academic calendar, update your contact information, upload your biography, request help and change your password.  At the top of our homepage, select Login.  Enter your User Name and your Password, then press continue.  (Note that both your User Name and your Password are case sensitive.)