Instructor Guide

UCLA Extension Instructors

This site presents ideas, best practice and support services we expect will contribute to a successful and rewarding teaching experience at UCLA Extension. You will find a tab at the top-right for its companion site, Instructor GuideContract and Policy. It presents a codicil to our contract and therefore describes your rights, our expectations, and mutual responsibilities regarding instruction at UCLA Extension. We encourage you to become familiar with both sets of information.

Each of the tabs lead to “pull downs” that include further topics. To view a PDF/site index, press here.

For help with logistical problems, call your program representative. (We internally call them “program reps”).   For those of you teaching online or hybrid classes, you will be supported by an online course manager from our Office of Instructional Enhancement who will provide you and your students with technical assistance should the need arise.

Click here for a full PDF of the Instructor Guide