Program Format and Unit Valuation

We deliver courses in a variety of formats and with varying unit value.  The most common course delivers 4-units of credit over twelve weeks with instruction delivered in one 3-hour instructor-guided session per week, supplemented with “homework” exercises and reading.  Unit valuation is driven by the time a student will spend mastering the material, not the time spent by the instructor at the podium.  For this most common 4-unit/12 week course, the average student will spend 120 hours both in class and at homework, or ten hours per week.  (In any configuration, such as a compressed format of 4-units to be accomplished in 6 weeks, an average student will expend about 30 hours per unit.)  For the adult learner engaged in professional level instruction, an estimate of two hours of work outside of class for each hour of work inside is a useful rule of thumb to ensure compliance with credit regulations.

In addition to this standard, regular format, classes are organized in the following variations:

  • One-day (up to eight hours of contact/ non-credit bearing – no homework)
  • Short Course (two or more full-day meetings on consecutive days – usually no homework and often not credit-bearing)
  • Online
  • Hybrid (a mix of online and traditional format delivery) 
  • Limited Meeting (5 or fewer weekly day/evening meetings, usually credit-bearing with homework)
  • Independent Study – courses organized so that instructors and students meet one on one.

You will find the course number for your class on the signature page of your contract.  You’re welcome to read in depth about the meaning of the course number.  You might also want to read about the nature of credit and definition for the Continuing Education Unit (CEU).