Classroom Use, Assignment and Scheduling

We will assign courses planned for traditional and hybrid delivery formats to any one of nearly 200 general assignment classrooms on the UCLA campus, to one of 80 classrooms and labs at our Extension centers, or to a venue acquired especially for your class somewhere in the LA metropolitan area.

Well over a thousand Extension courses and ten thousand meetings physically convene each quarter.  Each is assigned to a classroom taking into consideration your availability, anticipated demand and room capacity, classroom configuration and equipment, and any special pedagogical needs sought by your program rep on your behalf.  Building and room numbers appear on the signature page of your contract.

If teaching Saturday morning, you will be the first user of the day.  Your classroom will be unlocked 30 minutes before your course’s scheduled start.  On any other day or evening, if you require more than 10 minutes for audio visual set up, make sure your program rep knows to request and schedule early access.  Since ours is largely an evening program, most of Extension’s classes will be the last to use what are heavily used classrooms each day – custodial care of the UCLA campus is done at night after your class departs.  We find that most Bruins including Extension’s students are mindful about properly disposing of trash and leaving furniture arranged as it was found.  You’re welcome to practice and direct your students to exhibit this good citizenship.

Unless you have called for special arrangements, your classroom becomes officially available to you ten minutes before its scheduled start.  Prior occupants will know that they are expected to leave at that time. This ten minute buffer is allocated so that one group can exit while the next enters.  If you arrive to find an exam still in progress, introduce yourself to the proctor/instructor and offer to hold your students outside to allow for an orderly transition.  By extending this courtesy you will signal the proctor/instructor that it’s time for them to go, or you will both discover that the room has been double-booked. In such rare cases we ask you to defer to the exam session, and resolve to start late or seek an emergency room change for your class.   

Unexpected and Unplanned Room Changes

Your program rep will keep an eye on your enrollments to make sure your class does not oversubscribe.  A very late surge in enrollment, a large number of waitlisted students, or an unexpected number of visitors the first week can render a first night standing room only.  Although a very rare occurrence, if you find this to be the case contact the AV/Hotline if on the UCLA campus, or the center front desk if at an Extension facility, explain the problem, and ask for a larger, nearby room.  The AV staff or center personnel will know where other classes are meeting and can provide informed direction about rooms that appear to be vacant.  (Trust their judgment.  Some classes may be scheduled to begin later than yours so what appears to be an empty room next door might deceive you.)   If you make a move, post a note on the writing board of the old room so any late arriving students will know where you have gone.

Room Temperature/HVAC

At times, room temperatures may need adjustment. If your class is on the UCLA campus or at the Extension Administration Building, call the AV/Helpline at (310) 825-4131.  If your class is at the Figueroa Courtyard, 1010 Westwood Center, Gayley Center or Lindbrook Center, contact the front desk.

No Smoking

The entire UCLA campus and all UCLA Extension classroom facilities are tobacco free.  All forms of use are prohibited:  cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, electronic vaporizersThis extends to the entire campus – pedestrian walkways, grounds, streets, classrooms, restrooms, hallways, labs; and to all spaces where we convene off-campus.  Additionally, California law prohibits smoking within 25 feet of the entrance of any our leased off-campus venues.

We publish this prohibition in our catalogs and websites.  You’re welcome to learn more about UC’s Breathe Well public health campaign, and to share this information with your students.


Eating and drinking are not permitted in labs.