Instructor Contract

UCLA Main Campus

UCLA Extension is one of the nation’s largest single-campus continuing education programs, each year attracting 100,000 enrollments made by 40,000 students responding to our unique open-enrollment student-demand-driven model.  Of these 40,000, 8,000 are candidates making progress toward certificates in over 120 different professional and academic specializations.  Many of these 40,000 will apply newly developed skills at their workplace thus contributing to our collective economic well-being.  We hope all whom we reach will be enriched in their intellectual lives – students and instructors alike have much to learn much from one another.  The particular province of Extension—continuing higher and professional education—advances the mission of the University of California, which is:

  • to conduct research for the creation and dissemination of new knowledge;
  • to provide instruction from the undergraduate level to the most advanced graduate level;
  • to provide public service.

As an entirely self-supporting not-for-profit division of UCLA, Extension receives no state funding.  Our work – your work – is teaching within this broader context of self-sustaining public service.


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